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Steamplanet is blue…

It has been pretty quiet on the planet for the last few days.

We have suffered a tragic loss in our close community.

This post is dedicated to Sylvan.

I will be back to the blog soon with optimism and positivity,until then I leave you with a tribute to our friend.


Sylvan’ Pendant

This call and response necklace honours boys who go deep in the woods, where life’s mysteries reveal themselves.

The radio tube has the complexity of the human mind, delicate and strong, vulnerable and beautiful.

The twenty-eight inch bronze chain hangs to mid chest,

just where the cage of bone that protects our hearts begins.

Words by Linda Rogers

Pendant by Rick Vankrougal



One too many potions last night in the laboratory  .Great grannies garage comes in handy again for some great vintage parts.
Dream big,dream often

Alien Robot Cyberskull

Keefer has a passion for science fiction monsters….

It is his firm belief that one day alien robots will land and take over the Earth.

Rock the !#*$ out of your day today just in case Keef is right, for once.

 These Cyberskull  pendants are made out of old spoons and clock parts.

Today Keefer is snowboarding so the workshop is pretty quiet.

It is probably a good time to clean it up while Mr.”Metal Shard Tornado”isn’t home.

I hope he spots a Big Foot ,and doesn’t break any bones on the mountain.

Regards from,


Tesla Time Tractor

Another interesting sculpture in our odd collection.His spine rotates and he rolls on his wheels.

Keefer spent a lot of hours bringing this nightmare to life.

Feeling green?

Keef found an old spoon and twisted up these roses one after noon.
I am feeling super green today

This skull pendant was once a spoon too.


My name is Kim. I married a very creative man.His name is Keefer.My plan is to use this blog to show off his unusual creations.

This is my first experience blogging…..obviously. Bare with me it will get better.


"Stomp,stomp,stomp...""Battle Tusk"